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The Best Breweries in Kansas

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Welcome to the beer scene in Kansas! You shouldn’t overlook the local breweries of this state if you are a beer aficionado since they have some of the best brews in the business. We have compiled a list of the best breweries in Kansas that you should definitely visit the next time you are in town.

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Here are some of our favorite breweries in Kansas. Let us know if you agree.

Stockyards Brewing Co

1600 Genessee St #100, Kansas City, MO 64102
(816) 945-7729

This newcomer to the neighborhood, which is located in the Stockyards District, doesn’t focus on the artisan aspect. They would rather produce excellent, straightforward beer for industrious people. The ales, IPAs, and pilsners that Stockyards Brewing specializes in are never limited by the beers they have produced in the past. The Brewery’s beers go best with their live bluegrass music shows and comfortable setting. 

Nimble Brewing

1735 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64108.
(816) 787-1822

Nimble Brewery, a beer company of 26, produces beer in their microbrewery one barrel at a time. If beer isn’t your thing, they also have a wide range of wine and spirits, so everyone will have something to drink. They also bring in a small range of beers from nearby breweries in addition to their craft beer.

Although there isn’t any food there, they encourage customers to bring meals from one of the many nearby restaurants to enjoy. If there is an undecided group member, they will even assist you in making a decision.

Despite their diminutive size, you can reserve the space for a private event. The Brewery holds tasting events in this area as well.

You should go here because they experiment with flavors and grow their herbs and garnishes in-house.

Crane Brewing

6515 Railroad St, Raytown, MO 64133.
(816) 743-4132

Crane has strong flavors inspired by European history, and its beers are often matured in steel or wood until they are at their very best. The company’s in-house lab is always attempting to create yeasts that will provide tastes that are exceptional in their respective categories.

It’s the type of place where a farmhouse ale may have tea undertones, or the pour might also have unanticipated amounts of beets. The outrageous coloration of Crane beers makes them instantly recognizable even before you take your first sip—it serves as a visual depiction of the entire flavor spectrum that Crane aims to achieve.

Defiance Brewing Company

2050 Old Hwy 40, Hays, KS 67601.
(785) 301-2337

The story goes that two renowned brewers met over a pint of beer in the city of Hays. They ended up starting their own Brewery called the Defiance Brewing Company. The goal of Matthew Bender and Dylan Sultzer was to create a range of Kansas beers that offer exceptional taste and flavor.

Central Standard Brewing

156 Greenwood, Wichita, KS 67211.
(316) 260-8515

If you want a great Kansas beer hand-crafted by true masters, you should head over to the Central Standard Brewing’s taproom. This microbrewery has ingenious owners who are passionate about their work. You will get to experience a high-quality craft beer in a comfortable and relaxing place at their bar.

Torn Label

1708 Campbell St, Kansas City, MO 64108.
(816) 656-5459

Torn Label is a creative space with unique beers like the Darkest Timeline and Monk and Honey. The Brewery has plenty of options that can entice experienced drinkers to beer novices with exciting, fresh flavors and blends. They mainly focus on Belgium and German-inspired flavors combined with American creations to bring you unique drinks.

Their facility is known to produce massive quantities of liquid hops that are enjoyed all over the Kansas City area.

Boulevard Brewing

1708 Campbell St, Kansas City, MO 64108.
(816) 656-5459

Boulevard is a true crown jewel among the breweries of Kansas City; it has become a part of the identity of the city. It has a huge capacity of 600,000 barrels, making it the biggest craft brewery in the entire Midwest. They have an award-winning Tank 7 beer that you need to try. Other brews we recommend are the Hazy American Classic and the Space Camper Cosmic IPA. They also provide free tours of their Brewery, where you can expect a fantastic experience.

Fringe Beerworks

224 SE Douglas St., Lee’s Summit, MO 64063.
(816) 600-2552

Fringe Brewery was the first to open in Lee’s Summit. It offers a relaxing and intimate setting. Its building was built in 1926, and a lot of the original architecture is still intact. Fringe also loves the old-school nuances of their place, getting inspired by it to create unique blends. They have grapefruit beer and milkshake beers that are pretty much the start of all the oddity of the place.

It is also an all-electric business to reduce carbon emissions with clean electricity. This is also the key to their quality craft beers since the all-electric system provides consistent temperatures. The owner takes pride in upcycling spent grain and recycling its waste.

Alma Mader

2635 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108.
(816) 945-2589

Dedicated to unique flavors, Alma Madar is where you can get a beverage that is truly special. If you understand the differences between the nuances of Czech-style or Italian style, you will love it here; don’t worry, it is also a great place to learn too. We recommend their triple IPA, You’re Being Watched, which was made in partnership with BKS Artisan Ales.

Best Breweries in Kansas with Food

There is nothing better than a great beer to wash down great food. Here are a few of the best breweries in Kansas with food options.

Free State Brewing

636 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.
(785) 843-4555

Free State Brewing started its operation in 1989; it was the first Brewery to be declared legal after over a century. It is known to cherish the community, which is why it has a blend for everyone. They have introduced a rotating flagship menu with limited and seasonal beers in bottles and on tap. They also have an extensive delicious menu with food for any mood. They also provide tours of their breweries, so you can check out how your favorite blends are made.

KC Bier Co

310 W 79th St, Kansas City, MO 64114.
(816) 214-8691

Beir Co is known for its authentic German beers that come with hops and malts imported directly from the great beer land of Germany. The beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally carbonated to preserve its freshness. They also have a great German menu with giant pretzels, hotdogs with sauerkrauts, and more.

Brewery Emperial

1829 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 945-9625

This institution in the Crossroads neighborhood offers well-brewed beers with a focus on classic types. A mixture of European and American beers is available, including saisons and bitters. A good visit is made possible by reasonably priced selections, a large outdoor space, and a selection of multi-course platters.

Green Room Burgers and Beers

4010 Pennsylvania Ave Suite D, Kansas City, MO 64111.
(816) 216-7682

One of the first locally-owned breweries in KC is the Green Room. From little burger platters that you and your buddies could never complete in one sitting to gigantic French fries platters, the restaurant’s extensive menu offers a wide variety of alternatives. The drinks menu at Green Room includes small batches of drinks that the proprietors are presently smitten with, including keg, bottle beers, lagers, and genuine ale served in firkins. In case you would like to enjoy some laughs, the bar is attached to the greatest improv comedy theater in the city.

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