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The Best Breweries In Fargo, ND

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North Dakota certainly knows their beer, and the kitsch, quirky Fargo is no different! Whether you’re a local Fargoan or you’ve never heard of the film (have you been living under a rock?), their breweries are famous for having both unusual beers and something for everyone.

So which breweries came up trumps on our whistle-stop tour of Fargo’s terrific tap rooms? Let’s take a look at 10.

Drekker Brewing Company

1666 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 532-0506

Located on the outskirts of Downtown Fargo, Drekker Brewing Company brew beer with a Viking flair, in a stunning hall fitting to its namesake Norse heaven. It’s well worth visiting this brewery purely for the spectacular beer hall alone, and with a rotating selection of beers on offer, this Fargo brewery is a fantastic place to start on our North Dakota beer journey.

“Let’s get weird”, it says on their quirky website, and boy did they get that right! If you visit you have to try their People Eater beer, it begins as a nice balanced pilsner and before you know it, you’re hit with a punchy blueberry flavor which quickly explains the purple color. There’s even a hint of basil at the end there for an earthy, herbal taste…

Fargo Brewing Company

610 University Dr N, Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 478-2337

The Fargo Brewing Company really needs no introduction. Situated in downtown Fargo, The FBC has an infectious craft culture aiming to foster a community of craft beyond freshly brewed beers alone. They frequently brew one-barrel experimental beers to test different brews with their regular customers.

You can’t say you’ve been to Fargo if you haven’t tried the FBC’s Woodchipper! Inspired by the wonderful Cohen Brothers’ creation, this American IPA has a big citrus flavor with notes of sticky pine resin of course! You won’t want to stray onto anything else once you’ve tried this woody 6.5% Fargo beer (don’t tell the other breweries we said that!)

Pixeled Brewing Co #3

1100 NP AVE N #101, Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 532-0915

Pixeled Brewing Co. started with a dream of two Fargo dudes who wanted to enjoy beer and play some retro games. With their philosophy ‘We fear no beer’, they’ll try anything once in order to create something new and different for their regulars.

At Pixeled it’s all about their Jon Luck Pickard. This extra-special strong bitter is hard-hitting and full of character, just like its namesake Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Starship USS Enterprise. The charming geekiness of the brewery shines bright with this fantastic distinctive beer, you must give it a go!

Junkyard Brewing Company

1416 1st Ave. N Moorhead, Fargo, ND 56560
(701) 936-5545

Based in Moorhead, this quirky craft brewing company specializes in new and experimental styles to keep their customers cheery and beery. They have 11 taps which they rotate weekly and hold many events including Junkyard Dash 5K, Rare Beer Picnic, and Junktoberfest!

We’d recommend trying one of their most popular beers, Hop Tun. This full-bodied, hoppy IPA is made using local hops from Fertile and Moorhead, Minnesota. Locals love this beer, as do tourists, because it’s known for sourcing its ingredients from the most local immediate areas. What’s more to like?

Prairie Brothers Brewing Co.

4474 23rd Ave S, Fargo, ND 58104
(701) 282-7222

Prairie Brothers Brewing Co is proud to be the only brewery in South Fargo. Their motto is ‘Beer Makes Everyone Family’, and we couldn’t agree more! From making beer in their garage in 2015 to opening their first brewery doors in 2017, the Prairie Brothers can’t wait to welcome more beer fans into their thirsty family.

The Prairie Brothers are known for their Coco Boingo Chocolate Milk Stout (try saying that 3 times quickly!), a 4.3% beautiful milk stout that is reminiscent of coffee and unsweetened cocoa. This is a classic, session-able beer that is great if you want a milky stout but hasn’t got a massive, sweet tooth.

Swing Barrel Brewing

814 Center Ave Suite 1, Moorhead, ND 56560
(218) 284-2121

If you’re looking for a wide variety of beers, Swing Barrel Brewing is the place for you! Based in Moorhead, this great little brewery has some good solid brews and is a must-stop if you’re on the Minnesota side of Fargo. It’s certainly a microbrewery, but their hearty beers absolutely pack a punch.

Turning Violet is a beer you must purchase if you visit this fantastic taproom. You won’t be able to drink it without reciting the classic line from Willy Wonka – “You’re turning violet, Violet!”. This fruited ale with blueberry, mango, and marshmallow is a dream if you like your sweet beers. Tart, acidic and oh-so purple.

Icewind Brewing

349 Knutson St Unit B Mapleton, ND 58059
(701) 203-3579

Icewind Brewing is a real local gem located just on the outskirts of Fargo. Featuring a superb tap list that’s always changing with the times, you’ll love the quirky beers and friendly service this excellent brewery has to offer.

How could we not recommend their famous Professor Nutbutter?! This 5.5% stout is smooth, creamy, and full-bodied, infused with peanuts and toasted cocoa nibs. You’ll go nutty for it!

Flatland Brewing Company

3140 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo, ND 58078
(701) 353-1178

Flatland Brewing Company is the only brewery in West Fargo, and proud of it! They’ve got an ever-changing tap menu with an impressive 12 taps and 2 beer engines, serving up beer they’ve lovingly brewed on site.

We’d recommend their Simcosis, an American IPA hopped exclusively with many Simco hops. You’ll appreciate a great resinous taste with an underlying citrus undertone – whole-hearted and delish!

Granite City Food & Brewery

1636 42nd St S, Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 293-3000

Granite City Food & Brewery is an award-winning brewery with a passion for good beer and made-from-scratch food. Their mission is to build a community of beer fans for life, and they have been fighting the good fight since 1999.

You can’t visit Granite City without trying their Zug Swang, a beautiful vanilla porter with a roasted chocolatey flavor – try to imagine an alcoholic mocha milkshake! Don’t just take our word for it – this medium-bodied beer must be good as it won the gold medal at the World Beer Championships by Tastings!

Drumconrath Brewing Company

630 1st Ave N Ste 6, Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 645-3786

DCR Brewing, also known as Drumconrath Brewing Company, is Downtown Fargo’s signature brewery! Balancing old traditions and new-age tastes, DCR Brewing offers superb North Dakota beer with a distinctive Irish spirit.

We’d recommend Ribbonman Red, a delicious Irish-style red ale. It’s 5.4% in strength and was named for a secret society of farmers who started a revolution against a tyrannical government. Enjoy a pint of this smooth, medium-bodied beer and toast Irish farmers across North Dakota!

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