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The Best Breweries in Hialeah, Fl

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Not too long ago, locals used to believe that Hialeah in Florida had a lackluster beer craft scene. A lot has changed since because many breweries have sprung up over the years.

Don’t write off Hialeah, Fl just yet because the city has emerged as a top underrated destination of brewmasters who can produce everything from classic ales to IPAs and creative brews inspired by international flavors. Check out our favorite Hialeah, Fl breweries.

Unbranded Brewing Co.

1395 E 11th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33010, United States
(786) 332-3097

Unbranded Brewing is a classic craft brewery that offers a wide selection of styles that are brewed in-house. It is known for its incredible sours and imperial stouts, with the Hialeah Light being a staple of its menu. The brewery is inspired by rustic breweries and aspires to bring customers culturally-inspired ales that will give them a taste of exotic cultures with each sip.

The tasting room is surrounded by welcoming murals and artwork that encourage you to sit back and relax for a few hours. Unbranded Brewing also plays host to a number of events throughout the year, including karaoke on Thursdays performed by talented musicians. You can visit the brewery with non-beer-drinking friends too because there are so many things to do here besides drinking beer.

King Fox Brewery

6520 W 20th Ave Unit 1, Hialeah, FL 33016
(305) 918-2104

King Fox Brewery is a nano brewery that specializes in sour, classic, and hoppy ales. This state-of-the-art brewery has been keeping the local community in Hialeah engaged with its wide selection of local brews, vibrant atmosphere, and limited-release craft beers. King Fox Brewery is known for its creative and unique flavors that keep beer lovers on their toes. They have a massive collection of beer along with merch such as glasses and even T-shirts that buyers can take home as memorabilia of their visit to King Fox Brewery.

This massive 25,000 square feet facility features 16 taps and a team of passionate brewmasters who take pride in teaching you about their process. is one of the largest breweries in Hialeah and offers customers a large place to enjoy beer, host a party, and play games. As one of the original breweries in Hialeah, King Fox Brewery is a must-visit for all craft beer lovers. Just make sure to book a tour before visiting because the brewery can get crowded at times, and you may run out of space.

The Tank Brewing Co.

5100 NW 72nd Ave A-1, FL 33166, United States
(786) 801-1554

Founded by experts who are passionate about artisanal beer, The Tank Brewing Company is known for using premium and locally sourced ingredients from mash to tap. They strive to be a cut above the rest by using the latest innovations and attention to detail with time-honored brewing techniques.

The result is a unique, complex-flavored beer that is as diverse and vibrant as the city of Hialeah. Make sure to try their popular El Farito IPA with its intense citrus flavors that will satisfy your hop cravings anytime you want. The beer is named after Key Biscaye’s Cape Florida Lighthouse, also known as El Farito.

Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery

13416 NW 38th Ct B, Near Hialeah Opa-locka, FL 33054, United States
(786) 681-6572

No list of top breweries in Hialeah, Fl would be complete without mentioning Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery. It specializes in lagers such as Mulati, Chica, Mamba, and Weiss Guy. Chica, in particular, is one of their most popular selections because of its interesting aroma that bounces between biscuit and lemon. Chica has a sweet flavor that is bursting with hints of lemon drops, biscuit, and a honey bun.

Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery produces all of its beer in-house but it does so in very small batches. Beer enthusiasts often line up to get access to their limited-release beers. The collection of beer rotates constantly depending on the season to keep everything guessing. With so many interesting things to do, you can make an entire day of hanging out here, or just come for a pint, but in any case, a visit to Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery is worth the time.

Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery

13416 NW 38th Ct B, Near Hialeah in Opa-locka, FL 33054
(786) 681-6572

Craving a cold brew after a long walk in Hialeah? Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery is an exceptional spot for a brewery with its unique craft brewer that specializes in creative, funky, barrel-aged beers. Their beers are widely distributed throughout the city and some releases are only found on tap at the brewery, which makes it necessary to visit them. Some of their most popular selections include Weiss Guy, Gypsy Voodoo, and Latitude Zero.

They are available throughout the year and at certain times of the month. We recommend visiting their website for more information on what is currently available. Note that all of their batches are created in a very small amounts in order to maintain quality and taste. Some of their recipes are a closely guarded secret that you probably won’t find elsewhere. This brewery can get a little crowded when they release their limited-edition craft beers, so you might want to plan ahead and visit a few minutes in advance. Don’t forget to check out their store for merch!

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