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The Best Breweries in Hawaii

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Whether you’re a beer lover or not, you need to check out these breweries the next time you’re in Hawaii. From small mom-and-pop operations to large-scale production breweries, there’s something for everyone on the list of best breweries in Hawaii.

Hawaii is known for its lush rainforests, stunning sunsets, and beautiful beaches – but did you know it’s also home to some amazing breweries? The state has some of the best breweries in the country, and you’ll find plenty of places to sample their beers. Whether you’re looking for craft beers or just something to drink on a hot day, there’s sure to be a brewery that will appeal to you. Here, we’ll look at some of the best breweries in Hawaii and what makes them unique.

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Below, we discuss the best breweries Hawaii has to offer:

Kona Brewing Company

7192 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, HI 96825
(808) 396-5662

Kona Brewing Company is best known for its Hawaiian-inspired beers, brewed with Hawaiian ingredients like Kona coffee and passionfruit. In addition to its year-round beers, Kona Brewing Company also produces a range of seasonal and limited-edition beers. For example, the company’s Pipeline Porter is only available during winter, while its Koko Brown Ale is only brewed during the fall.

Kona Brewing Company’s flagship beer is its Longboard Island Lager, a light golden lager with a crisp, refreshing flavor. The company also brews several other popular beers, including the Big Wave Golden Ale, the Hula Hefeweizen, and the Wailua Wheat Ale.

Maui Brewing Company

4405 HI-30 Ste 217, Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 669-3474

The Maui Brewing Company is a craft brewery located on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Founded in 2005, the brewery quickly became one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, thanks to its unique location and delicious beer. Today, the brewery is best known for its flagship beer, the Coconut Hiwa Porter. Made with hand-toasted coconut, the Porter is rich and full-bodied, with a deep chocolate flavor and a touch of sweetness. In addition to the Porter, the Maui Brewing Company also produces a variety of other beers, including IPAs, stouts, and sours. The brewery also offers tours and tastings, allowing visitors to learn about brewing and sample some of their favorite beers.

Kohola Brewery

910 HI-30 #55, Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 446-3007

Kohola Brewery is a craft brewery located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The brewery is named after the Hawaiian word for “whale,” and its logo features a whale tail. All Kohola’s beers are brewed with Hawaiian-grown malt, hops, and yeast, and the brewery prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients.

Kohola Brewery specializes in tropical-flavored beers, and its most popular beer is the Pineapple Pale Ale. The brewery also offers a rotating selection of seasonal and limited-edition beers. In addition to beer, Kohola Brewery produces a line of small-batch spirits, including rum, vodka, and gin. The tasting room at the brewery is open daily, and tours are available by appointment.

Hana Koa Brewing Co.

962 Kawaiahao St., Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 591-2337

Hana Koa Brewing Co. is a small brewery located on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Opened in 2016, Hana Koa has become known for its innovative flavors and ingredients, which often incorporate local fruits and herbs. The brewery’s taproom is open to the public for tours and tastings, and its beers are available at select restaurants and bars across the island.

But one of the brewery’s most popular beers is its Aloha Series, which features fruits like pineapple, mango, and guava. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing beer after a day at the beach or seeking out a new and exciting flavor, Hana Koa Brewing Co. is worth a visit.

Waikiki Brewing Company

1945 Kalākaua Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 946-6590

The Waikiki Brewing Company is a local Hawaii brewery established in 2014. The company is known for its handcrafted beers, brewed using only the finest ingredients. In addition to its signature beers, the Waikiki Brewing Company also offers a variety of seasonal and limited-release beers.

Waikiki Brewing Company’s flagship beer is its Aloha Blonde Ale, a light and refreshing beer that is perfect for enjoying on a warm day by the beach.

Lanikai Brewing Company

167 Hamakua Dr., Kailua, 96734

The brewery specializes in tropical-inspired beers, using local fruits and herbs to create unique flavor profiles. The brewery’s flagship beer is the Lanikai IPA, a hoppy beer with notes of mango and passionfruit. The brewery also offers a rotating selection of seasonal beers, such as the Maui Gold Pineapple Wheat and the Kaua’i Coconut Porter.

Their flagship beer, the Lanikai Pillbox Porter, is a smooth and flavorful porter that captures the essence of the islands. From their stunning packaging to their delicious recipes, Lanikai Brewing Company is changing how people think about Hawaiian beer.

Aloha Beer Company

700 Queen St., Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 544-1605

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, the brewery is best known for its tropical-themed beers, which are brewed using locally sourced ingredients. In addition to its regular offerings, Aloha Beer Company also produces seasonal and limited-edition beers. For example, the summertime favorite Pineapple Express is a refreshing golden ale brewed with real pineapple juice.

One of their must-try beer is the Honolulu Golden Ale, a refreshingly fruity beer with notes of pineapple and papaya. Whatever beer you choose, Aloha Beer Company is sure to have something that will suit your taste.

Best Breweries in Hawaii with Food

Check out the breweries below if you are looking for breweries with food.

Kohola Brewery

910 HI-30 #55 Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 446-3007

Kohola Brewery is a Hawaiian-based brewery that specializes in creating flavorful, tropical-inspired beers. Its popular brews include the Maui Gold Pale Ale, a hoppy and floral beer with notes of tropical fruits, and the Big Island Black Lava Stout, a rich and chocolatey stout that’s perfect for sipping on a cool evening. Kohola Brewery is also known for its beautiful taproom, which offers stunning views of Kauai’s dramatic coastline.

You should try the brewery’s flagship beer, the Kohola Coastal White Ale, a refreshingly crisp and citrusy beer that’s perfect for enjoying on a sunny day. Pair it with their highly recommended fish tacos, and you are in for a treat in paradise.

Big Island Brewhaus

64-1066 Hawaiʻi Belt Rd., Waimea, HI 96743
(808) 887-1717

Big Island Brewhaus is a microbrewery and restaurant on the big island of Hawaii. The brewpub is located in Kailua-Kona, near the Ali’i Drive coastal strip, and is known for its unique Hawaiian-style beers, and brewed with locally sourced ingredients. The brewpub also offers a menu of pub food, including burgers, pizzas, and salads.

This local brewery offers a great selection of locally-made beers, including their popular Coconut Hiwa Porter. In addition to its signature beers, Big Island Brewhaus also offers a variety of seasonal and limited-release brews.

Honolulu Beerworks

328 Cooke St., Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 589-2337

In the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown, you’ll find Honolulu Beerworks, a small but mighty brewery churning out some of the best beer in Hawaii. Founded in 2014 by two friends who shared a passion for beer, Honolulu Beerworks is all about experimenting with new and innovative brewing techniques. Whether it’s their line of hazy IPAs or their chocolate milk stout, there’s something for everyone at Honolulu Beerworks. And if you’re looking for a bite to eat, they’ve got you covered there too.

If you want a drooling experience at a brewery, try Honololu’s turkey or salmon sandwiches with the Dango yo ale.

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