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The Best Breweries In Grand Prairie, TX

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The city of Grand Prairie is a place that has many outdoor attractions for locals and travelers to enjoy. There are parks, golf courses, malls, and even flea markets – basically, there is something for everyone and it makes sense that so many people often flock to Grand Prairie. One other piece of the puzzle is the beer culture that exists in Grand Prairie. There are several breweries in and around the city that host many casual and seasoned beer drinkers.

This article will talk about what we think are the best breweries in Grand Prairie, TX.

Noble Rey Brewing Company

2636 Farrington St, Dallas, TX 75201

The Noble Rey Brewing Company first opened its doors in 2015. The groundwork began in 2012 and it took close to 3 years of dedication and work in order to get things up and running. Once everything was up and running, it didn’t take long for the brewery to become home to many of the most sought-after beers in the state.

There is also a wide selection of local and out-of-state craft beers that are available at the brewery. However, the star of the show is still the Noble Rey Brewing Company craft beer that they sell.

At Noble Rey Brewing Company, you can find a variety of ales, IPAs, and lagers. This is the standard list of offerings in their menu but keep an eye out for what they have in stock whenever you go to visit. They are constantly bringing in new and different options for their customers to choose from.

Four Corners Brewing Company

423 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 748-2739

At Four Corners Brewing Company, everything started back in 2004 in a kitchen. As time passed and with plenty of trial and error, they managed to find a recipe that worked. It took them some time, but in the end, they found something that made the most sense to them. In 2012, it went from being a simple garage set up into a full-fledged brewery that produced and sold its own beer. The beer at Four Corners Brewing Company claims to combine the tried and tested methods of beer brewing with a diverse range of tastes, flavors, and identities.

When a customer visits Four Corners Brewing Company, they can excerpt to find a selection of ales, lagers, stouts, and IPAs, among others. This makes it a wonderful place to come and enjoy a fine selection of beers that can appeal to both casual and regular beer drinkers. Having a diverse range of beers is always beneficial for any brewery because it allows them to cater to more people at the same time. This increases the chance of creating a community and also selling their product.

Twin Peaks Brewing Company

1500 Market Place Blvd, Irving, TX 75063
(469) 420-9216

At Twin Peaks Brewing Company, there is something for everyone. The name might suggest that it is only a brewery, but it is so much more. It is a place for customers to come to grab a beer, watch their favorite sports, order delicious food, sit back, and have a good time. That is what the entire ethos of the Twin Peaks Brewing Company is. They have adopted a ‘girl next door vibe to their brewery. Along with their beer, their entire menu is created in-house.

When you visit Twin Peaks Brewing Company, you will be served your beer in frosted mugs that are chilled enough for a thin layer of ice to form at the top of the beer. This is just one of the many minute details that they focus on to make sure their customers have the best possible experience when they visit. At Twin Peaks Brewing Company, there is a selection of ales, IPAs, lagers, and a rotating selection of other drinks that the customers can choose from.

Peticolas Brewing Company

2026 Farrington Street, Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 234-7600

If you have had the chance to visit a bar in the city of Dallas, there is a chance that you have come across a beer from Peticolas Brewing Company. While they do sell their beer in different breweries around the city, the best way to enjoy these beers is if you go and visit the source. There, you can enjoy fresh beer and also enjoy some wonderful hospitality it.

They have a wide variety of beers at Peticolas Brewing Company that includes different ales, IPAs, stouts, lagers, and other beers to choose from. You have the option, as a casual or seasoned drinker, to choose from many different drinks. There is something for everyone to choose from, which is what makes this brewery such a fan favorite. People love a Peticolas beer every chance they get, and for good reason.

Texas Ale Project

1001 N Riverfront Blvd., Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 965-0606

The oldest name on this list, the Texas Ale Project goes back to the late 1800s. It is the oldest brewery in the city and one of the first taprooms to open its doors to the public. The brewery is family-owned and run, meaning that the people who own the beer have a watchful eye over everything that goes on.

There is no compromise on the quality or taste of the beer. The Texas Ale Project, constantly strive to achieve a great flavor, aroma, and overall balance in their beer. To do so, they have assembled a team of trained beer brewers who watch over and operate different facets of the process.

The Texas Ale Project allows you to choose from a selection of IPAs, ales, pilsners, porters, stouts, seltzers, and others to choose from. Texas Ale Project doesn’t just sell beer; it sells heritage and experience in the form of a chilled drink. Having been in the business for so long, they know their way around everything and this makes them one of the finest places around Grand Prairie, TX, to get a beer and have a good time.

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