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The Best Breweries In Garland, TX

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When it’s time to kick back with your friends in Garland, it’s easy to think the city is filled with overpriced diluted cocktails. However, some amazing craft brewers in Garland are ideal for all occasions. Here are the top seven breweries in Garland.

While most people know Garland for its museums and tourist spots, there is a thriving brewing scene here as well. So many breweries in Garland sprouted up that tourists come to visit the city just to experience its craft beer scene. Let’s take a look at the best breweries below.

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

4821 Bass Pro Dr, Garland, TX 75043
(972) 226-0725

Don’t come to Flying Saucer Draught Emporium expecting aliens and UFO objects flying in the background – the brewery may have a quirky name, but don’t let that fool you. This spot has one of the best craft beer collections in the world, with over 200 beers on tap. It has been open to the public since 1995 and has earned a stellar reputation among locals and tourists alike.

You can become a member of their auspicious “UFO Club” and become the first to be informed about their beers, queue them, and track their progress. When you try all 200 beers in the house, you will get a flying saucer named after you and posted on their wall. Now that’s a fun concept. They even give you perks like a $100 beer party and fun prizes to keep members motivated.

It is worth noting that the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium name is wildly popular and fraudulent establishments have tried to profit off their name. Their outlets referred to as ‘saucers’ are open throughout the country. Make sure to check their website for the correct address before you visit them.

Lakewood Brewing Company

2302 Executive Dr, Garland, TX 75041
(972) 864-2337

One of the most popular breweries in Garland, Texas, is Lakewood Brewing. Founded in 2011, Lakewood Brewing Company weaves its own ideas into international craft beers to create fresh, new ideas. They frequently rotate their lineup of beers with a creative spin on the flavor, so you can always expect to try something new.

The aptly named “Temptress” is their most popular selection yet with a 9.1% ABV with notes of sweet chocolate and vanilla. Other staples that are available throughout the year include Lager Literature, More to Say on IPA, and the Royal Details. Depending on the time of year, you might get to try Toasty Text (which is a blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and maple) and Behind the Peanut (a creative blend of chocolate, sea salt, and peanuts).

Hemisphere Brewing Company

2015 Kristy Ln, Near Garland, Rockwall, TX 75032
(972) 722-4535

Of all the breweries in Garland, Hemisphere Brewing Company definitely has a stellar reputation. It has existed for a while now and is known for its wide range of brews. The cozy and inviting taproom lets you drink, eat, and enjoy great music.

Hemisphere Brewing Company was founded by musicians who shared a common love for craft beer and have a penchant for consistently making innovative products with distinctive characteristics and maintaining a high-quality standard. This commitment to craft beer sets the brewery apart from the rest.

The tasting room is open every day where the bartenders and brewmasters serve all types of beer. Hemisphere Brewing Company is known for its special release beer craft which are released throughout the years.

Four Bullets Brewery

640 N Interurban St, Near Garland, Richardson, TX 75081
(469) 351-0511

Although the Four Bullets Brewery is one of the top places for craft beer in Garland, it only just recently took off in popularity. Locals and visitors alike can’t get enough of their craft beer and atmosphere. Open every day; Four Bullets Brewery has a massive selection of beers to choose from, including cocktails and wine.

The beers that are made here rotate, so you will always have something new to try. You will love Black Jack Brown and Full Boat Bock staples with their bold flavor and aroma. If you can’t decide what beer to get at Four Bullets Brewery, you can always get a small taste of everything to find something that suits your palette.

The best part is that Four Bullets Brewery plays host to a number of events that keep the tap room fun, exciting, and lively. Some of the events feature artists such as Jason Elmore and Danny Zagotta. This means that there is rarely a dull moment in Four Bullets Brewery because they always find ways to keep things exciting.

Vector Brewing

9850 Walnut Hl Ln #405, Near Garland, Dallas, TX 75238
(469) 676-0797

Vector Brewing is another Garland brewery you have to visit. It has everything beer enthusiasts like, including a variety of beer, fine, foot, and even their own merch. The spot was founded by graphic designer Craig Bradley, which explains the name “Vector”, and Veronica Bradley, who grew up in the hospitality business.

Vector Brewing’s core beers are refreshing and crisp, like their signature homicidal psycho jungle cat and microscopic sharks. However, they also have a bunch of doppelbocks that are over 5.0% ABV. Other unique brews that you will love include the Ghostrunner, Tribute, and Little James Basket Press. There is always a massive variety of beer to choose from and a fun atmosphere to enjoy.

Oak Highlands Brewery

10484 Brockwood Rd, Near Garland, Dallas, TX 75238
(469) 802-9455

Oak Highlands Brewery is a haven for German-style beers and largely goes unnoticed by locals but continues to reign as one of the most respected breweries in Garland, Texas. While most breweries try to get attention from crowds with interesting takes on beer types, Oak Highlands keeps things simple by sticking to the basics.

The addition of a climate-controlled tap room has raised its status as a respectable brewery. Speaking of the taproom, it is arguably the best taproom in the city thanks to its welcoming atmosphere featuring large glass windows. The bright, airy taproom may also feature live music from local bands and there is a large TV projector to keep visitors busy.

There is a variety of beer on tap, but we would recommend Allgood, a German Kolsch ale that is full of flavor. With growing followers of local craft beer supporters, Oak Highlands Brewery has quickly grown from strength to strength, increased its production capacity, and introduced its year-round and seasonal lineup with a thriving taproom.

Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery

509 W State St, Garland, TX 75040
(972) 272-2400

With delicious handcrafted beer and slow-smoked BBQ, Intrinsic Brewery is the best spot for beer lovers who are in the mood for some BBQ. The brewery has a large taproom and space for food.

Visitors can sit at the bar, grab a table, or just enjoy the live events that take place throughout the year. Check out their events page for more information on the latest happenings. You can also place an order for home deliveries.

All in all, Intrinsic Brewery is an economical choice for having a great time out with friends and family. They are available for private events such as family photos, weddings, and business meetings.

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