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The Best Breweries in Frisco, TX

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Do you happen to visit Frisco, TX, and want to try some of their best brews to make your trip memorable? Click here to find the best breweries in Frisco, Texas.

Did you know that US Today ranked Frisco, TX, second on the list of the safest cities in America? That certainly speaks a lot about the city and its residents. The city is full of beautiful parks and hidden gems like fantastic breweries where residents and tourists may enjoy themselves. Here are some of the best breweries in Frisco, Tx, which everyone visiting Frisco should check out!

Let’s look at some of the best breweries in Frisco, TX, to discover what makes them unique.

Frisco Rail Yard

9040 First St, Frisco, TX 75034, United States
(214) 587-7245

Rail Yard is the place to go if you want to enjoy a pleasant, full-day experience filled with tasty meals from food trucks and fantastic beer. We advise going at night if it’s too hot outside because it may become relatively warm even in shaded places. The area contains heated arbors and sitting areas where people may eat in chilly to cold weather. It also includes amenities like clean restrooms and spaces for washing hands, which is positive and increases visitor comfort. You can arrange a trip with your family or friends and have a fun day while sipping good beer and listening to live music. Everyone can have a wonderful experience here because there is entertainment for people of all ages, including kids.

Nothing strikes better than a cool beer in the warm weather of Frisco. Therefore we suggest tasting one of their cold brews.

Cork & Growler

8979 FM 423 Suite 100, Frisco, TX 75034, United States
(469) 980-7499

If you’re searching for a fantastic assortment of beers in Frisco, go to Cork & Growler. The brewery’s beer is reasonably priced, and the variety of beers on tap is new every time you visit, offering unique and fresh flavors. Overall, it is a   Cool location with craft wine, beer, and visitors always have a good time with friends and family. There isn’t any food there, as in most taprooms. They allow customers to bring their food.

The brewery has also placed containers of flyers for eateries that deliver nearby on each table which is a helpful feature. Food trucks are occasionally available outdoors for anyone who wishes to grab a quick bite. They offer samples, to help you decide on a drink you like. The brewery has an updated feature that lets customers see what’s being served on the tap through an app or a wall display. While you are there, we recommend trying a beer nerd, as it is a regular favorite of most customers. 

Beard Science Sour House

5959 Grove Ln Suite B, The Colony, TX 75056, United States
(469) 401-6764

Every beer enthusiast who travels to Texas must stop at the Beard Science Sour House. The brewery stands out from the other breweries in town thanks to its distinctive method of serving beer. There is seating for many people inside and outside, and the outside area is connected to a truck yard. Although the brewery doesn’t provide food, patrons may still eat something delicious to go with their beer, thanks to the nearby beautiful food trucks.

If you want to sample many different flavors at once, we advise ordering their flights; otherwise, go for the hibiscus seltzer, a popular favorite.

The Thirsty Growler

5733 TX-121 Ste. 230, The Colony, TX 75056, United States
(214) 618-5324

Cider, craft beer, kombucha, coffee, and root beer are just a few beverages available on tap at The Thirsty Growler. You can visit their growler station and tasting room with friends and family to sample their many artisan brews and find new favorites. The establishment doesn’t have a proper meal menu, although they sell basic snacks like pretzels. The establishment allows outside food, so you may stop by a local restaurant to pick up your favorite dish and enjoy it while savoring their beer. While there, you will meet friendly locals and people from around the world who share the same love as you for beers.

You can rely on the staff’s suggestions since they are well-informed about beer and won’t let you down. We advise tasting the coconut milk stout while you’re there.

Outer Range Brewing Co.

182 Lusher Ct, Frisco, CO 80443, United States
(970) 455-8709

What better way to begin your visit to Frisco than by visiting a brewery mentioned in one of the top brewing magazines and rated second best in the list of the new Brewery in America? The Outer Range Brewing features a beautiful patio on the roof and a wonderful outside seating space. Families and pets are welcomed at the brewery with open arms. The most attractive feature is that they have a terrific restaurant inside called Bird Craft.

While you’re there, we recommend sampling the restaurant’s fried chicken, their specialty, and a crowd favorite, along with a Belgian ale or IPA.

Highside Brewing and BBQ

720 Main St, Frisco, CO 80443, United States
(970) 668-2337

Highside brewing and BBQ is a hidden gem located in Frisco. The atmosphere inside the brewery is relaxed, and you can plan a lovely evening here. Visitors can choose to stay on the lower floor to listen to live music or sit upstairs to enjoy the scenery of the mountains. The bartenders are welcoming and even give samples to assist you in selecting the beverages that suit your tastes. The brewery’s first level is a taproom, while the upstairs area contains a bar, an arcade, and a variety of fun games to keep both adults and children entertained.

Dogs are welcome, and you can arrange a trip here with your family to take in the breathtaking scenery, mouthwatering BBQ, and distinctive brews. The chef is talented and even offers to make vegan cuisine which is a plus for vegan customers. They also have non-alcoholic options on the menu, such as root beers. On Wednesday evenings, they host a trivia contest, another reason to visit. We recommend trying the brisket sandwich, as it is a hit with customers, paired with a hazy IPA. 

Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co.

7800 Windrose Ave., Plano, TX 75024, United States
(972) 846-4255

Delicious beer and a charming outside bar are available at unlawful assembly brewing co., which makes it the perfect spot for you to enjoy the warm weather. You can also sign up for a tour, which costs only $15 per ticket and is incredibly entertaining. It also includes two coupons for free beers and a free-of-cost glass.

The brewery has a lively atmosphere thanks to the free performances hosted on the stage for visitors to enjoy. They offer free popcorn, which is always a hit with the customers, and the brewery’s lower floor has a food court where you can purchase meals. Try their agave lime beer if you get the chance to visit; you won’t be disappointed.

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