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The Best Breweries In Detroit, MI

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The breweries downtown Detroit has formed a happening scene and attracted a crowd of beer fans, turning the bustling city of Detroit into a must-visit place for fun lovers.

You’d find numerous beer fanatics wandering the streets of downtown Detroit because of the variety of craft beer bars on the scene. The city has some award-winning bars, attracting different hoppers and beer lovers. Detroit breweries with food are also famous for their liquor and food servings, making Detroit a tourist attraction.

Here are the ten best breweries downtown Detroit has to offer.

Bad Luck Bar

1218 Griswold St. Detroit, MI 48226, United States
(313) 657-9177

Bad Luck Bar has gotten its reputation due to the posh combination of drinks the brewery serves. Being on the higher end of the spectrum, the bar’s drinks satiate the taste buds of genuinely American beer lovers but also work perfectly for the newbies in the scene. The intimate dark, moody interior perfectly aligns with the menu, making every minute and every dollar worth the while. However, reservations must be made forehand due to limited seating.

Bad Luck Bar’s most discussed drink, The Admiral, is a blend of historic rums from the South American countries Jamaica, Trinidad, and Guyana. Its hellfire taste paired with a chocolate bon-bon has gained much traction. The slightly pricey neat pour is a must-try.

The Skip

Detroit, MI 48226, United States

The colorful and edgy interior of the bar makes it a hip hangout for the locals. The Skip is famous for its specialized frozen drinks and tropical cocktails that can be enjoyed indoors and in the open air. Mixologists are proclaimed artists at The Skip due to their knowledge and effortless mixing of cocktails. The islandy-vibe cocktail bar requires no prior reservations.

The Skip is a specialized brand in frozen mixes. Its Frozen Irish Coffee is a perfect blend of whiskey and cream that gives you a glimpse into heaven. Skip Old Fashioned is another must-try, especially for people who identify with the taste of rum.

The Sugar House

2130 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216, United States
(313) 962-0123

With the classic pub setting and vibe, The Sugar House is the local’s favorite cocktail bar, famous for its classic craft cocktails. The Sugar House’s extensive menu provides options from the trendiest spirits, whiskies, and bourbons. The bar’s seasonal menu also gathers the local crowd around for enjoying date nights or casual hangouts.

The Sugar House’s Air Mail is a rum-based classic cocktail packed with the sweetness of honey and the citrusy flavor of lime. The richly flavored Cava brings Mediterranean undertones to the drink, adding more texture to the overall experience.


449 E Milwaukee Ave. Detroit, MI 48202, United States
(313) 638-2169

Set up in an establishment from the 1800s, Kiesling has become the newest obsession among the locals, thanks to its vintage vibes juxtaposed with a modern cocktail menu. The contrast of classic feels from the decor, including refurbished radio and worn-out couches, and trendy and colorful cocktails with usually a shot of bourbon serve the crowd perfectly. The bar is still evolving and therefore is a better option for barhoppers.

Kiesling’s Amaro Sour has gained a lot of traction in a short time thanks to its perfect balance of sugar and citrus. The woodsy taste from the Fernet-Vallet makes the blend even richer in flavor.

The Ghostbar at the Whitney

4421 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48201, United States
(313) 832-5700

The Whitney Mansion’s wooden decor combined with a wide-ranged spirits menu of The Ghostbar is the perfect mash of classic meets trendy. The bar’s leather seatings and excellent service give the old money vibes from the past era. Despite the sophisticated interior, the bar attracts a crowd of informal beer lovers who want a good time.

The Ghostbar at the Whitney, located on the building’s third floor, is widely famous for its Witching Hour Martini. The blend of Valentine Vodka’s White Blossom, Limoncello, Lemon Juice, and St. George Raspberry Liqueur makes the drink a perfect balance of sweetness and citrus. The drinks are refreshing yet intoxicating, just the ideal combination.

The Monarch Club

33 John R St Penthouse Detroit, MI 48226, United States
(313) 306-2380

Located on the Metropolitan Building’s rooftop, the grandeur of The Monarch Club speaks for itself. The red and blue accents hinted at with a speck of gold make for a cozy interior for a bar. Encircled by the city’s always-awake skyscrapers, The Monarch Club is like a secret hideout for those who want to run away from the bustling city without moving away.

The Monarch Club’s ‘Round Midnight is a perfect getaway from the busy city and into the world of rich and decadent flavors of caramel with hints of citrus and bourbon. The sweetness from maple syrup and the burned cinnamon aroma relaxes the senses while the taste awakens them. Try this cocktail for an otherworldly experience.

Castalia at Sfumato

3980 2nd Ave Suite E Detroit, MI 48201, United States
(313) 305-1442

Known for its experimental approach to classy cocktails, Castalia has gained its reputation due to its playful combinations of flavor and fragrance. The modern cocktails at the bar are set to take you on a sacred journey by heightening all your senses at once. The place is famous among the crowd of trendsetters and rebels who seek pleasure outside the norms.

Before The Fall is a famous chai daiquiri that’s inviting for the crowds of people enjoying the springtime, the baking spice liqueur imparts a rich taste to the drink, making it unique but rewarding. The base of chai-infused rum is the essential flavor making the drink an exciting treat for the taste buds.

Best Breweries in Detroit With Food

Here are a few more of the best breweries in Detroit with food offerings. Go get your drink on with a full stomach in Motor City.

Motor City Brewing Works

470 W Canfield St. Detroit, MI 48201, United States
(313) 832-2700

Being one of the best breweries downtown Detroit has to offer, Motor City Brewing Works is a place that beer fans must visit. The place’s artistic interior and welcoming outdoor benches make it a perfect hangout place. Motor City Brewing Works is also widely famous for its oven-baked pizzas crowds of beer lovers enjoy with their cocktails.

The Ghettoblaster Ale is renowned among the true beer fanatics. However, the nutty flavor and salty aroma make the hoppy beer lovers steer clear from the scenes. The caramel accent tossed with the subdued malty taste has made the beer a must-try for an individual set of beer lovers.

Founders Brewing Co.

456 Charlotte St. Detroit, MI 48201, United States
(616) 776-1195

Founders Brewing Co. has been a go-to for the crowd of beer lovers who also love to munch on savory delights. Established in 1997, the place is considered one of the best breweries in downtown Detroit and is known for its spacious interior and comfortable seating options. A casual date or celebratory party seems like the perfect event to enjoy at Founders Brewing Co. with its variety of dishes.

The place’s All Day IPA 4.7% is a rage amongst true beer enthusiasts. The complex taste of the award-winning craft beer results from a combination of flavors from grains, hops, and malts. The seasonal appetizers are the perfect serving to fill you up while enjoying your beer’s rich taste.

Tommy’s Detroit Bar & Grill

624 3rd Ave. Detroit, MI 48226, United States
(313) 965-2269

On the outside, Tommy’s Detroit Bar & Grill seems like any other bar. The history of the place linked to the Underground Railroad gives the site an entirely different vibe with its fun bar on the inside. The ghost stories, tales of the hidden tunnels, and a welcoming feel for the hoppers. The appetizers also make it one of the top Detroit breweries with food.

The place’s historical link, along with raving online reviews, attracts a crowd of tourists and locals alike. Tommy’s hamburgers are a rage in the area, paired with their various cocktails such as creme soda and moon mist. Instead of relying on the menu, the place relies more on the bartender’s advice; therefore, not every person will have the same flavors served unless asked.

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