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The Best Breweries in Carrollton, TX

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Carrollton is thought to have a subtropical climate that is humid, and that seems to work well for the local beer breweries, which is why there are so many of them. However, sadly, not all breweries are equal, even in a place like Carrollton, TX. Keeping that in mind, here’s our roundup of the best breweries in Carrollton that are worth the visit.

Here is our list of the best breweries in Carrollton.

Cedar Creek Brewery

336 E Cedar Creek Pkwy, Seven Points, TX 75143
(903) 432-2337

Cedar Creek is nestled deep within the wilderness, where wolves howl their life stories to the moon while running in packs, and beer shines in the dawn. That is because it is brewed by some of the greatest people you have ever met, finer than any character from a book, Hollywood story, or cutting-edge reality television program (ain’t that the truth!). Real individuals that possess conviction, tenacity, good taste, strong backbones, loyalty, and a passion for what they do to make our beer.

This is one of the places where you are going to find Craft beer at its finest. Cedar Creek has several styles of lagers and ales on offer, and all are winners. The Moroccan Mole is especially good.

Revolver Brewing

5650 Matlock Rd, Granbury, TX 76049
(817) 736-8034

Revolver Brewing is situated in historic Granbury, Texas, 35 minutes southwest of Fort Worth. Ron and Rhett Keisler, father and son, together with seasoned Master Brewer and Cicerone Grant Wood, formed our Texas-based company. Although they don’t take themselves too seriously, they are really proud of what they accomplish. They think they can produce beer of the highest caliber in rural Texas. They make their beer using seasonal local ingredients and pure water from their own Trinity Aquifer well.

Expect to get standout service and beers at Revolver Brewing. While they have a slew of great options, Blood and Honey is definitely worth a try, and every $10 glass to keep comes with four short pours of their best options.

Rahr & Sons

701 Galveston Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 810-9266

A schwarzbier, or black lager, is Ugly Pug. But the name itself tells the entire tale: Fritz Rahr yelled, “What an ugly pug!” as he spotted his mother-in- law’s pug, Oscar, relaxing on a chair. Everybody chuckled. You’re right; that evening, they were brewing a test batch. Rahr’s Ugly Pug has a surprisingly light body compared to other dark beers, which are frequently regarded as “heavy,” and it combines three of my favorite flavors: coffee, hints of chocolate, and beer. Rahr & Sons Brewery is distinctive because they appreciate individuality. All of the Beers are innovative, and the branding is fantastic.

This brewery actually walks the walk, people. Its DNA includes a dedication to the local community, the arts, and culture. The way this group promotes local musicians and unites the neighborhood is insane—in a good way. Therefore, everyone is advised to suggest this beer to their favorite eatery and pub. By doing so, you indirectly support regional performers. One of the best is the Mango Chili beer, which tastes great when paired with a snack.

Grapevine Craft Brewery

Carrollton, TX
(817) 488-2337

Nothing beats Lakefire, an American rye pale ale with a smooth hop finish, a spicy maltiness, and a little sweet maltiness. In Grapevine, Texas, summer is a wonderful season full of enjoyable activities for the whole family, festivals, and generally good times. You may even get to enjoy a fireworks display and summer celebration with friends every Friday night over the serene waters of Lake Grapevine. Parks close to the lake are crowded with spectators, and the lake is littered with boats and kayaks, providing a beautiful picture of the sky lighted by fire.

A favorite of the GCB crowd, The Lakefire is a distinctive pale ale. It flowed a clear copper liquid with a head of white foam that left a splotchy lace. There were hints of lemon in the aroma. The flavor had a fruity character and was well-balanced and drinkable. The mouthfeel had decent carbonation and was lightweight in substance. Overall, this beer is good.

Texas Select Beverage Company

2415 Midway Rd Ste 115 Carrollton, TX 75006
(214) 357-0248

You will have nothing but praise for this business. For those of you who do not know, they also make the best flavored tea combinations, in my opinion. Everyone will find something to like. Whether it’s the teas or the beer, the mixtures are really tasty and energizing.

They offer a great variety of premium non-alcoholic beer, which is a light flavored lager that goes down easy and has rich, complex aromas. You can definitely also taste overtones of apple and hints of dry malt, which makes the taste of this lager interesting and warrants a try.

Yard House

5100 Belt Line Rd Ste 230 Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 716-4004

The Yard House is a modern establishment that offers both great food and exceptional beers. This is an upscale eatery that is known for its delicious menu, along with some great beer and an energetic vibe. Here you will find some of the best craft beer on tap and plenty of other options. This will definitely be one of your favorite places in town if you enjoy some great-tasting beer and a decent menu ranging from onion rings to garlic noodles.

The Yard House offers some of the best craft beer you will find in Carrollton, along with a great menu with plenty to offer.

Three Nations Brewing

1033 Vandergriff Dr Carrollton, TX 75006
(469) 289-6062

It is exactly what you anticipate. An unexpected array of inventive black brews! Excellent customer service, cuisine prepared on a food truck, and the man operating it are all kind and professional. Food arrived quickly. Sliders had real buns. Even though I’m not a huge lover of American cheese, this taste was delicious. There is a large amount of space, a wonderful outside seating area, room upstairs, and plenty of space downstairs.

The loaded fries and tater tots smothered in cheese go great with the ales that are on tap, but there are plenty of options on the menu, and you will find each one more delicious than the last.

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