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The Best Breweries in Brownsville, TX

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At the southern top of Texas and in close proximity to the Mexican border lies the city of Brownsville. Here, you can experience a mix of two diverse cultures. If you’re visiting Brownsville, you know it will be an exciting trip.

Thanks to the many things you can explore in Brownsville, one can never be bored. If you’re looking for some nature-loving moments, then the zoos and parks of Brownsville are nothing short of a treat for you. There are numerous museums and art galleries for all those seeking a cultural boost. You can also explore the historical sites and buildings in Brownsville downtown. Trust us when we say Brownsville won’t disappoint.

That is not all Brownsville has to offer. You can also find some super fun breweries in this city. Good for you; we have done the homework and put together just the list you need.

Southwinds Lounge

943 N Expy Ste 10, Brownsville, TX 78520,
(956) 542-1105

Southwinds Lounge is a dive bar in Brownsville. It is located in the Southwinds Shopping Center, but it is easy to miss at first sight. Southwinds Lounge is owned by an old man. And unlike some of the other bars, this is a little quieter.

The atmosphere of the bar is extremely laid back. If you’re stopping by Southwinds Lounge, you should know that different types of people come to Southwinds Lounge.

In its weirdness, the place has an undeniable charm to it. The bar has karaoke performances, so you know your night would be entertaining. A jukebox is also available, so customers can play whatever music they feel like listening to.

Southwinds Lounge has a full bar that offers a variety of drinks at a fairly reasonable cost.

We would recommend you try their IPAs, and you won’t regret it.

Shot Republic

3101 Pablo Kisel Blvd Ste B6, Brownsville, TX 78526
(956) 466-4794

The Shot Republic is a sports bar that believes in the fun of inventive cocktails and shots. It is not difficult locating this bar, and there is also a parking area right near the bar.

Although the place itself is not spacious, the atmosphere will not disappoint you; it has a very delightful vibe to it. The vibrant neon lights definitely make the space feel more open. They generally only have seatings available inside.

At the Shot Republic, customers can enjoy delectable drinks along with the famous southern hospitality. The drinks that are crafted here are creative and delicious, and customers can also enjoy some amusing bar tricks.

At the Shot Republic, you can take your drinking experience up a notch and truly have a memorable time.

We recommend you try their Moscow Mule.

Best Breweries in Brownsville With Food

You can never go wrong with a good meal and a pint of beer. We’ve done you a favor and found the best breweries in Brownsville that serve good food and the best brews.

Public House

3254 Boca Chica Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78521,
(956) 777-5566

This sports bar located in the friendly, easy-going neighborhood of Brownsville is just the place to be with your friends.

The bar calls itself a happy place, and it most certainly proves as one. The atmosphere of the Public House is chill. We would say the bar has everything one could need for a relaxed and fun night out with your friends.

There are pool tables available in the bar along with other games. Throughout the bar, there are plenty of TV screens available for people wanting to catch up with a sports match if they feel like it. There is also a DJ playing a variety of entertaining tunes.

Their food menu offers customers the rich taste of Mexican flavors. Some of the food items are tacos and some Mexican-inspired burgers.

They also offer customers local and international beer buckets. The local beer bucket includes the likes of Budweiser and Miller Lite, whereas the international beer bucket includes Corona and Modelo Especial.

If you’re in Brownsville, you should try their street tacos with their Budweiser.

The Library Bar at La Rioja

1135 E Washington St, Brownsville, TX 78520
(956) 801-2241

This unique bar is located in the downtown area on Washington street. It is a great bar for your night outs with friends and family.

The atmosphere of the bar is very friendly and welcoming, and your experience here would definitely be worth it. Although the place might feel small at first, be assured it does not feel congested.

They also host live performances by local hit bands and even have multiple TV screens for people to watch sports.

They have seating arrangements available both inside and outside the bar. Along with chairs and tables, customers also can lounge on the sofas in their living room space in the center of the bar.

The food and drinks here are top-notch, added to the bar’s excellent service. You wouldn’t want to miss this bar the next time you’re in Brownsville.

They offer a selection of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Some of their beers include Goose Island IPA, Landshark, and Lagunitas.

We would recommend you try their Karbachs with their classic burger.

Flying Pig Grill and Cantina

7197 Burnias St, Brownsville, TX 78575
(956) 350-5555

This bar, at first look, comes off as a dive bar but without being dirty. It is an awesome place to hang out with your friends. Although the bar is a little away from the main city, it’s worth trying out.

The atmosphere of the bar is very chill and easy, with a variety of good music playing in the background, without being too noisy and overwhelming.

Flying Pig Grill and Cantina are proud of the ice-chilled beverages they offer, along with their finger-licking good food. This will definitely make for an excellent and memorable experience.

They serve rather innovative drinks like their cucumber margarita. They also offer great chilled beer and other alcoholic beverages.

We recommend you try their Moscow Mule and their Philly Cheese.

Shenanigans Irish Pub and Grill

2451 Pablo Kisel Blvd, Brownsville, TX
(956) 986-2337

Shenanigans Irish Pub and Grill is located at a perfect distance from many nearby hotels. If you’re visiting Brownsville and living in any of those hotels, you’ll be happy to know a cool bar is only within walking distance.

The atmosphere of the bar is pretty decent. It is loud and crowded, but if you’re someone who enjoys that, then it would be a perfect spot for you. It does give off dive bar vibes, but the cleanliness is definitely taken care of by the staff.

As far as drinks are concerned, they have quite a good selection of beer on tap. It is an Irish bar, so they do serve plenty of Irish beer as well. If you’re hungry, then they serve great quality food as well, like fish and chips or even burgers.

If you happen to be in Brownsville, we would recommend you try their cheeseburger and Dogfish Head 60 min IPA.

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