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The Best Breweries in Bridgeport, CT

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Known as a bustling port city rich with art and culture, Bridgeport is one of New England’s most densely populated locations. This city, situated in Connecticut, was initially meant to be an economic hub which is why it’s near the Pequannock River. The local culture is celebrated with movie previews, athletic tournaments, and music festivals. Let’s not forget the mouth-watering cuisine! But the food isn’t complete if not paired with a glass of cold, strong beer.

To enjoy everything this iconic city offers, head to one of the best breweries listed below and tour the riverside with the strongest buzz in town!

This staggering metropolitan, also known as Park City, has scenic parks, theatres, historic neighborhoods, and varied cuisine. The list below will guide you to the doorstep of all the best breweries the city has to offer.

Brewport Brewing Co

225, South Frontage Road, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604
(203) 612-4438

Brewport Brewing Co is a severely underrated gem founded by Jeff Browning and Bruce Barrett. The brewery produces one of the strongest beer selections in the United States, thanks to a medically rigorous commitment to quality. They also provide a hip, contemporary pub serving craft beer, pizza, and salads. They have lovely, rustic décor, making it all the more intriguing. The brewery features a year-round beer variety along with seasonal and random variations and attractive inside and outdoor dining.

Brewport is known for its fantastic beer and pizza combinations. This old-school, family-friendly brewery includes a bar and a room for all events. Their outdoor area provides an excellent area under the shade to enjoy your beer and look at the cars rushing to and fro. Head to their website to choose from the fantastic variety they offer, but our personal favorites are Blood Orange Blonde and their Old New Double IPA.

Aspetuck Brew Lab

3389, Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605
(203) 540-5555

Aspetuck Brew Lab is a neighborhood brewpub founded by Peter Cowles and Tara Kasaks. Not only do they produce unmatched sours, but they also provide top-notch beer, as well as a homely atmosphere. On a laid-back weekend afternoon, this is the place to be. If you aren’t searching for it, you’ll slip right past this nondescript location on the edge of Fairfield Avenue.  Three IPAs and a fairly superb porter are a remarkable assortment for a pub of this scale.

They have restaurant-style indoor seating and offer Sunday yoga classes, ending with free beer servings. Their website contains all the information on their outlets and detailed descriptions of their drinks. We recommend trying their DDH Turbidity Lucidity IPA and their Bramble Blackberry Sour if you can visit.

Berlinetta Brewing

90, Golden Hill St, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604
(203) 549-8203

Berlinetta Brewing is a brewery in Bridgeport, Connecticut, founded by brothers Chris and Rich Ruggiero. It’s known for serving European-style beers in a spacious, cheerful atmosphere.

Ruggiero, born and reared in Connecticut, grew to love traditional Czech beers and culture while traveling there frequently with his wife. Although beer is essential to the Czechs, it is not the primary aspect of their pub culture. Instead, beer is a component of having a fantastic time with loved ones.

The brothers aim to provide well-brewed, approachable beers in a welcoming environment with a top-notch, hand-crafted analog music system. They also sell a fantastic collection of classic LP records that have been expertly chosen.

With multiple events happening every week, there’s never a dull day at Berlinetta. They also cater to bookings for private events, and their cozy indoor dining area is perfect for a day out with friends. Their most popular brews include the Berlinetta Tri and the Velvet Pilsner.

Tautog Tavern

2926, Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605
(203) 916-7500

Tautog Tavern, located on Fairfield Ave next to Park City Music Hall, was founded by Chris Andrews and Jay Connolly. It is a bar for friends and neighbors to gather and appreciate good food, excellent beverages, and vibrant discussions. The pub was inspired by the heart, heritage, and tradition that established Black Rock as a distinctive town. Tautog is well known for its affordable yet delicious menu, welcoming staff, and great music.

The tavern boasts many events, such as open mic night, vinyl night, and several others. Their indoor dining, local menu, and unique beers give you the ultimate tavern experience. Although they don’t have a website, their Facebook page is just as helpful. We recommend trying their Angry Orchard Cider, several other tasty brews, and their Founders All Day IPA.

Best Breweries in Bridgeport With Food

Now that we’ve told you the best breweries for a good beer, we also know that most of you are looking for a delectable cuisine alongside. We’re here to give you precisely what you need: a list of the best breweries that not only serve you beers but also offer a great menu to complete your meal.

Murphy’s Law

239, Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604
(203) 366-5297

Murphy’s Law is a sports bar that Goulden Chris founded in 1998. It is located on Fairfield Ave, next to Paulie’s Star Cuisine. The bar’s wooden interior, live music, and an assortment of seafood make it a great place for a hearty lunch. The bar has an indoor dining area that gives you a secluded, peaceful atmosphere on weekdays and a lively one on weekends. Their Friday night crowds paired with Karaoke nights, game nights, and many others are a fun way to spend your weekend.

Along with their unique brews, they have seafood platters, Taco Tuesdays, and mouth-watering wings. Their Facebook page contains all the information you might need. We recommend trying their Blacksmith beer and their Snake Bite beer.

Hub and Spoke

3001, Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605
(203) 345-9110

Hub and Spoke is a modern bar founded by Lou and Jennifer Montanari. The bar started as a small-scale restaurant where Lou and Jennifer made all the food from scratch. The couple believed in providing an authentic and delicious menu with a homemade touch. They have vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and gluten-free options to cater to all customers. They feature a unique assortment of cocktails, beers, and indoor and outdoor seating.

Hub and Spoke is great for a quick small lunch on a busy weekday or for a meal with family on weekends. The owners and the employees give off a comfortable vibe so everyone can enjoy their meal. Along with their American tapas and fancy brunch menu, they also have fantastic craft beers. We recommend trying their Lagunitas IPA and Night Shift Nite Lite draft beer for a complete experience.

Black Rock Social House

2895, Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605
(203) 549-8333

Black Rock Social House is a gastropub founded by Mark Turocy. The pub is innovative with a foundation in service, delicious food, and creativity. The pub has a spacious indoor dining area where you can enjoy their weekend brunches, charcuterie boards, soups, salads, and desserts.

The Social House also offers outdoor seating, live bands, a social hour, and acoustic nights. Their gluten-free menu and a safe and clean environment will make your dining experience even better. If you decide to visit, we recommend trying their Firefly Hollow Citra Perfect IPA and Down East Apple Cider.

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