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The Best Breweries in Amarillo, TX

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Regarded as an unassuming pit stop along the historic Route 66 district, the high plains of Amarillo are not without wonders. Amarillo bears Spanish influences in its art and architecture, yet nothing can rewrite the city’s identity as the Bomb City. This gorgeous Texan city has recently risen to fame because of its steak challenges and creative freedom, and to no one’s surprise, its breweries are at the heels of this fame.

If you are in town to take on the famous Texan steak challenge, our list of best breweries in Amarillo will help you kickstart your adventure with a bang!

Amarillo offers plenty to beer fans and meat lovers despite its economic setbacks. Scroll down to read the list of best breweries in Amarillo:

Pondaseta Brewing Co.

7500 SW 45th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79119
(806) 418-6282

Pondaseta Brewing Co. is a passionate pursuit of a Texan country band, Newton Road Ramblers. Started as a homebrewing project, this Texan establishment is now at the forefront of craft breweries in Amarillo, proving the worth of hard work and dedication. The founders behind the project strive to deliver high-quality brews to their customers and preserve the authenticity of beer tasting.

The sleek, gray production facility of Pondaseta Brewing Co. is practical and straightforward in its application. Their Cherry Pie’d, a sour wheat brew, is extracted from graham crackers and caramel malt to provide the crisp base of a cherry pie. The final canned product is rolled out of cherry tart puree and is rich in sweet flavors with just a hint of cinnamon in the aftertaste. If you prefer something less sweet, then their IPA milkshake options might suit you more.

Six Car & Pub Brewery

625 S Polk St, Amarillo, TX 79101
(806) 576-3396

Six Car & Pub Brewery has taken Amarillo’s downtown scene by storm by being the first and only brewpub of its kind. You can’t go wrong with a rooftop setting that provides a scenic and peaceful view of Downtown Amarillo where you can enjoy your comfort cuisine hot from the stove with special craft cocktails on standby. The local producers behind this brewery have maintained the authenticity of the beer-tasting experience without forgoing innovation and experimentation. The year-round beer menu is perfect for those who appreciate routine in their life, but nothing quenches an adventurer’s thirst better than their seasonal varieties.

A trip to Six Car & Pub Brewery will be of little significance if you haven’t tasted their signature craft cocktails, Masdam Queen and Masterson.

Big Texan Brewery

7701 I-40 East, Amarillo, TX 79118
(806) 372-6000

If Amarillo has been known for anything worldwide, it’s for its handcrafted beers, locally produced in the Big Texan Brewery. The second-generation owners of this world-famous brewery, Lee Brothers, nurtured their dream of serving their handcrafted brews to Texan patrons for over two decades. Danny Lee, the Brewmaster, had experimented plenty with brew combinations in his friends’ backyard. He invented various unique flavors unavailable in the market when his brother and marketing genius, Bobby Lee, pushed him to show his cards.

The Lee Brothers joined hands with a family friend, Tom, who wanted to be the Brewmaster of their famous steak house, Big Texas Steak Ranch. The process snowballed from there, and now the establishment is a global success, offering exquisite and unique Texan beer flavors. The founders recommend sampling a few flavors before settling on a favorite, and we can’t agree more! We recommend tasting Honey Blonde Lager, Rasberry Wheat, and Rattlesnake IPA to start your Big Texan journey.

Amarillo has experienced little growth in recent years. Still, as its brewery scene flourishes against the backdrop of stagnant traditions, we see a shift in how the world perceives this Texas County.

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