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The Best Breweries in Alexandria, VA

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Characterized as a riverside settlement for its proximity to the Potomac River, Alexandria is an independent city in the north of Virginia. The city is highly regarded for its position in the country’s metropolitan scene, as it is nestled beside the capital. Alexandria has grown significantly in the last few years without compromising its unique culture and gorgeous architecture. Steeped in colonial exploits, this energetic city is every explorer’s dream destination, especially those who have a taste for beer.

If you are someone who enjoys good beer, delicious food, and gorgeous architecture, then scroll down to see our list of the best breweries in Alexandria.

The culturally advanced landscape of Alexandria offers much for a tourist’s imagination and a cicerone’s taste buds. Our list of best breweries in Alexandria is helpful, informative, and succinct.

Port City Brewing Company

3950 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria, Virginia 22304
(703) 797-2739

Port City Brewing Company is a thriving craft brewery smack in the middle of Virginia’s historically hailed port city, Alexandria. Bill and Karen Butcher started a small brewery in 2011, which is now functioning out of scope, dealing with vendors from the capital and Middle Atlantic. The brewery has comfortable outdoor and indoor seating and offers a year-round beer menu and seasonal and occasional varieties. The brewers at Port City Brewing Company love experimenting and can always put together unique flavors to add to their ever-growing list of specialties.

This family-centric and pet-friendly brewery hosts beer tours and all kinds of events along with their regular tastings. Hop over to their official website to check their event calendars and keep some change on hand if you want to enjoy their best-selling Golden Export Lager and American Red IPA, Metro Red.

Aslin Beer Company

847 S Pickett St, Alexandria VA, 22304
(571) 431-7603

Holding their community at the heart of their business, Kai Leszkowiczand Andrew Kelly ventured into craft breweries with one goal: celebrating their passion for brewing. While the business doesn’t shy away from some experimentation, the founders prioritize quality above everything else. Their dedication to their craft is apparent in their extensive beer menu that offers the most delicate ale flavor to the strongest DIPAs. Their range caters to the needs of Americans and tourists alike and is a nod to its convoluted background.

Aslin Beer Company aims to revive the authentic beer culture by redefining beer excellency for the American palate. The brewery’s Old Town Lager is as authentic as Alexandria’s colonial roots through its German-style Pilsner De Gens, and Mexican-style Esperante is popular among tourists. The company production facility in Alexandria offers a sleek indoor arrangement and a huge taproom that sweetens the deal for all beer lovers!

Lost Boy Cider

317 Hooffs Run Dr., Alexandria, 22314
(703) 566-5737

Lost Boy Cider specializes in ciders and believes in bridging the gap between consumers and cellars. Their open-air floor plan gives you access to their lab and tank farm, supporting their claim to give you the ultimate cellar experience. The brewery’s cider menu is ever-changing, but on any given day, you can enjoy 16 of their drafts straight from the tap and some additional flavors in cans and bottles. This Alexandria establishment abides by the COVID safety protocols and aspires to be unbiased in its dealings regardless of ethnicity, nationality, and religion.

The Lost Boy Cider facility is where the company ferments, ages, packs, and sells its ciders without any external involvement. Tristan Wright has a lot of fond memories centered around cider, beer, and whiskey, and he hopes to do the same for others through his business. His Comeback Kid has made a lot of waves in the neighborhood since winning a gold medal and the Best in Show Cider title in 2021.

Augie’s Mussel House and Beer Garden

1106 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314
(703) 721-3970

Right in the middle of Old Town Alexandria, Augie’s Mussel House and Beer Garden is a memorial of the Patron Saint of Brewers, St. Augustine. This establishment takes you on an aesthetic journey through their open space Beer Garden, the only one you’ll find in all of Alexandria. The chefs at their Mussel House combine the historic essence of Alexandria with traditional Belgian cuisine to create an immersive experience for their customers. Their in-house Cicerones favor experimentation and originality and source traditional and new methods to improve the selection of their beers.

If your heart is set on visiting this cozy Beer Garden, then an order of Tangerine Wheat and some Materials and Methods can never go wrong for someone who has a taste for wheat beer and farmhouse ale.

Best Breweries in Alexandria With Food

Beer tasting is already an adventure, but when you couple it with delicious food, you have a dream exploration on your hands. If you are out for more than some beer tasting, then check out our best breweries in Alexandria with food recommendations for a complete experience.

Union Street Public House

121 S. Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 548-1785

Union Street Public House keeps the history of Old Town in high esteem, evident in its interior and founding background. The business operates within a 1790 warehouse that has been renovated as per the city’s latest infrastructure requirements. Executive Chef Mike Santiago believes in sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms and markets to support his community. Despite the prominent Southern influences, his menu is diverse enough to cater to different preferences.

They offer a variety of wines and brews and dedicated taps for whiskey. Their brew offerings of Hazy IPA and Dry-Hopped Pale Ale are perfect for buzzing your senses. If you are looking for good cheer and mouth-watering cuisine, then Union Street Public House is the place to be!

Virtue Feed & Grain

106 South Union Street, Old Town Alexandria, VA 22314
(571) 970-3669

Virtue Feed & Grain was established in an 1800 feed house that neighbored the famous Wales Alley, out of which beer was sold even before the building took shape. The establishment’s founder repurposed the building in hopes of preserving a chapter of history by molding his new business after the old ideals. The place publicizes itself as the American tavern, banking its aesthetic value on the building’s historic influences.

The culinary team at Virtue Feed & Grain sticks to the theme of American taverns and offers delicious food made from locally-sourced and fresh ingredients. Executive Chef Aldo Avilex prioritizes authenticity over experimentation and is an expert at meeting his patrons’ expectations by adding seasonal and holiday specials to his menu. The Beer Flights section on their menu offers some of the best flavors from iconic brands like Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager and Evolution Lot 6 Double IPA.

The Garden

1503 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301‬‬
(571) 970-2791

The Garden is a place where you can enjoy flavourful cuisine, good beer, wine, and nature all at once. It offers comfortable indoor seating dotted with wood furniture and outdoor sheds for a lazy lounge under its blue shades. The cozy establishment offers a hassle-free dining experience where you can enjoy 16 beers on drafts, refreshing cocktails, tasteful wine, and a variety of delicious foods.

If you find yourself venturing too close to the Garden, don’t forget to taste their hop combinations and Hazy IPAs.

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