The 10 Best Dunkelweizens Available

Best Dunkelweizens - Pinterest Image

If banana bread was beer, it would be Dunkelweizen. Don’t confuse that to mean that it tastes exactly like banana bread. This is still a beer that “tastes like beer”. This classic German style brings a full-bodied malty flavor and combines it with Hefeweizen yeast to give you banana and clove aromas and flavors. From … Read more

These Are The Best Czech Pilsners Available

Best Czech Pilsners

Czech Pilsner is often misunderstood. It’s a style that hasn’t gotten a ton of hype and gets lumped into the overly generalized category of Pilsner. Czech Pilsner is a very approachable malty and hoppy lager. It’s golden in color, moderate in alcohol, and complex in flavor. It’s bitter but in a rounded way and never … Read more

The Best Breweries in Beijing

Best Breweries in Beijing

Beijing has been at the forefront of the craft beer scene in China. China’s capital city boasts some of the best breweries in the country. We’ve narrowed it down to the top four! Great Leap Brewing Founded by a husband-wife team in 2010, Great Leap has a focus on incorporating Chinese ingredients in their beers. … Read more

The Best Non-alcoholic Beers For Beer Lovers

What is a Non-alcoholic Beer?

Still, in its infancy, the world of non-alcoholic (NA) beer is progressing rapidly. Scoffed at by some and enjoyed by many, NA beer is serious business. There are NA beers that taste great. They offer a healthy alternative to traditional beer without sacrificing quality. Flavorful, complex, and refreshing, it’s beer at 0.5% ABV or less. … Read more

Top Brewing Schools

top schools to learn how to brew

In recent years, the USA has seen a huge increase in the number of breweries. The demand for craft beer has created a need for brewing programs that equip you to take on the challenge of brewing a high quality product. Here we have a brief overview of 9 different schools / programs that are … Read more

How to Barrel Age Beer

Second to hazys, barrel-aged beers are all the rage. Be it trend or taste driven, at some point most homebrewers will get the urge to age beer in a barrel. Here’s what you need to know in order to make great barrel-aged beer. Barrel aging beer is an artform. After you’ve obtained a barrel, you’ll … Read more

What is Yeast Nutrient?

What is Yeast Nutrient

Yeast health is one of the most foundational factors when brewing exceptional beer. Today we’re looking at yeast nutrient, what it is, isn’t, and when/how to use it.. What is Yeast Nutrient? Yeast nutrient is typically a specific combination of ammonium phosphate, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It’s like a multivitamin for yeast. It makes … Read more

How To Brew Fruit Beer

How To Brew Fruit Beer

The use of fruit in fermentation is as old as the first alcoholic beverage. Why? I don’t know but it’s a fine idea for making almost any drink delicious! Beer is no exception. Today we’re looking at fruit beers. What is a Fruit Beer? Fruit beer is in essence beer with fruit. That was easy… … Read more

How To Brew Cream Ale

How To Brew Cream Ale

Sometimes you need a thirst-quenching and refreshing brew. Actually…make that most times. If you’re looking for a beer that you can keep on tap year-round and one that is especially satisfying on warm days, Cream Ale is your friend. What is a Cream Ale? Cream Ale is an American style light ale. It can actually … Read more

Best places to buy hops online

Best places to buy hops online

In modern brewing, hops are king! Therefore, knowing where to get the highest quality hops is of the utmost importance. Take a look at the top online stores for ordering hops. Get the freshest, most quality and cheapest hops! Yakima Chief Hops Yakima Chief Hops describes itself as “a 100% grower-owned network of family hops … Read more

Best Home Brewing Books

Best Home Brewing Books

In the wonderful world of brewing, there are a lot of amazing written resources in print to date. In this post, we’re highlighting ten of our favorites. How to Brew This is the first book on brewing I ever read. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change that fact. It has proved … Read more

What is no chill brewing?

What is no chill brewing?

Credited as an Aussie brewing practice, no-chill brewing has caused quite a stir in the homebrewing world these past few years. Today we’re looking at everything you need to know about no-chill brewing and whether or not it’s something you might want to give a try. How to Brew Using the No-Chill Method Brewing beer … Read more

The Best Ways to Cold crash beer

The Best Ways To Cold Crash Beer

Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. Both because they are effective and easy to do. Cold crashing meets the “simple” criteria and is a great way to help you brew bright beer. How to Cold Crash Beer Cold crashing beer is a simple process used to clarify beer. Once your beer has reached its … Read more

Best Homebrewing Podcasts

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There’s a podcast for everything these days. Homebrewing is certainly no exception. Wondering which one to try first or looking for a great discovery? We’ve narrowed it down to the top 11. Experimental Homebrewing Hosted by Drew Beecham and Denny Conn, Experimental Homebrewing will keep you entertained and informed. The hosts each have over 20 … Read more

The Complete Guide On How to Grow Hops

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There are a lot of reasons to grow your own hops. Unique flavors, fresh hop beers, organic hops, and plain-old-fashioned badassery to name a few. This guide contains everything you need to know to grow hops successfully. How to Grow Hops Hop growing starts with a rhizome being planted in early spring. After watering, feeding, … Read more


All about RIMS and HERMS

Many homebrewers endeavor to brew with the utmost precision. If that describes you, it’s time to embrace your inner engineer and take a further look at two similar brewing systems that will enhance your mashing. Both RIMS and HERMS are brewing equipment systems. They allow a brewer to hit a target mash temp exactly, maintain … Read more

What is Saison Stall?

What is Saison Stall?

Many brewers used to avoid using some of the best Saison strains available because they were notorious for “stalling” midway through a fermentation. Now we have science to lead us to best practices on how to avoid the dreaded Saison stall. Turns out the answer is simple. What is Saison Stall? Saison stall is characterized … Read more

How to Identify, Avoid, and Fix 27 Off-Flavors in Beer

How to Identify and Fix Off-Flavors in Beer

There are a lot of off-flavors that can rear their ugly heads in your precious homebrew. In this article, we’re delving into what off-flavors are, how you can identify them, and how to avoid or fix them. Being able to identify off flavors is a valuable skill. It will help you better understand brewing processes … Read more

How to Remove Bottle Labels

How to Remove Bottle Labels

Naked and elegant, a bottle stripped of its label is a thing of beauty to any homebrewer. We’re going to cover the best methods, step-by-step, for removing labels from your craft beer bottles. How to Remove Bottle Labels There are a few tricks to getting labels off beer bottles. Soaking is the easiest but is … Read more

How to Design Homebrew Recipes

What does beer taste like

There is something innate in all us that wants to design and create. You’ve probably brewed a batch or two of beer following someone else’s recipes. This is a great way to get started in homebrewing but there will come a time when you’ll want to venture into the realm of recipe design. We’re here … Read more

How to Bottle Your Homebrewed Beer

How to Bottle Beer

You’ve brewed and fermented your batch; now it’s time to package it. Bottling is the most economical option and is almost a rite of passage for every brewer. We’ll cover all the essentials and answer some of those pesky questions. How to Bottle Beer When bottling beer, there are a few things you must keep … Read more

How to Brew Crystal Clear Homebrewed Beer

How to Brew Clear Beer

Achieving brilliantly clear beer can be a challenging task. Today we’re taking a close look at everything you need to know to brew a batch of truly clear beer! How to Brew Clear Beer Crystal clear beer is an attainable goal for every brewer. But it may not be possible and is inappropriate for certain … Read more

How to Brew Delicious Beers with Herbs and Spices

Maybe you just drank a pumpkin spice latte or spied an exotic spice at the grocery store. Maybe you’re bored. Whatever brought you here, we’re discussing herbs and spices and how to use them in your next brew. The key to using herbs and spices in beer is knowing how much to use and when … Read more

How to Brew An Excellent Czech Pilsner

How to Brew Czech Pilsner

Czech Pilsner has become the catchall name for a much broader and more diverse group of beers from Czechia. Let’s dig into what this style really is and how to brew it! To brew a fantastic Czech Pilsner, start with water that has a low overall mineral content. Use an excellent under-modified pilsner malt, preferably … Read more

How to brew A Great Dunkelweizen

How to brew Dunkelweizen

An often neglected and overlooked style, Dunkelweizen delivers a perfect balance of malt and hops and will leave you thinking, “this is beer!” It may be hard to find on tap but Dunkelweizen is very easy to brew…and drink! Here’s how to brew a great Dunkelweizen. For the base grist, use Munich malt and wheat … Read more

How to Brew Interesting Beers with Tea

How To Brew With Tea

Discover a world of flavors to add to your beer brewing repotaire. Discover the world of brewing with tea. When adding tea during the brewing process, timing and type are everything. Similar to hops, when you add tea and what kind you add will produce very different outcomes. Fruity, smoky, earthy, herbal, floral, and more, … Read more

What is a Stuck Fermentation?

What is a Stuck Fermentation?

Has your latest fermentation come to a screeching halt? Or did it never really get started? Put down the champagne yeast… we’re about to cover the causes and solutions for stuck and failed fermentations. What is a Stuck Fermentation? A stuck fermentation is when a fermentation starts and stalls or never gets started in the … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Stout and Porter?

What's the Difference Between Stout and Porter?

Is it a Porter or a Stout? Or is it a Stout Porter? If you’re confused about what distinguishes Stout from Porter, you’re not alone. Let’s take a look and (maybe) clear up some misconceptions. What’s the Difference Between Stout and Porter? Historically, “Stout” was an adjective and a classification of the style Porter. The … Read more

How To Brew World Class Brut IPA

How To Brew Brut IPA

Pale, dry, fizzy, and hoppy, Brut IPA is a niche style of beer. If you’re searching for how to brew a beer with a champagne-like finish coupled with a burst of hop aroma and flavor… read on. When brewing a Brut IPA, these are the key components to remember: Use enzymes to achieve a dry … Read more

How To Brew A Scrumptious Dessert Stout

how to brew a dessert stout

Thick, sumptuous, and sweet, dessert stouts have a reputation for bombarding your taste buds (in a good way) and soothing your sweet tooth. Brewing a dessert stout is all about creativity and balance. It requires a robust malt bill filled with caramel and roasted malts with some imaginative adjuncts to create a unique brew reminiscent … Read more