Best Kolsch Beers: The Crispiest German Ales

Best Kolsch Beers: The Crispiest German Ales

Cologne is western Germany’s biggest city, cultural hub, and – for beer lovers – a must-visit destination for their famous beer: Kolsch. The best Kolsch beers are expertly brewed, delicate, refreshing, and subtle. It’s a traditional German pale beer famous for its lager-like characteristics, but unlike lager, Kolsch is top-fermented. These sparkling ales exhibit subtle, … Read more

The Complete Guide To Non-Enzymatic Mashing

Non-Enzymatic Cold Mashing

Looking for a low alcohol and flavorful brew? Would you like to boost the flavor of your beer without adding too many additional fermentables? A method known as Non-Enzymatic Mashing could be the solution. What is Non-Enzymatic Mashing? Non-enzymatic mashing (NEM) is a process used to extract flavor and color from malted grain without converting … Read more

How To Brew Kolsch: Smooth, Crisp, Refreshing Homebrew

How To Brew Kolsch

Homebrewing lagers can be time intensive and costly. Kolsch, that clean, snappy, German ale, is a great alternative to brew a thirst quenching and crisp, easy drinking beer. Kolsch is a great style to homebrew because it’s fermented at ale temperatures. This clean and crisp style can be brewed to be as refreshing as a … Read more

What Is The Best Brew Kettle For Homebrewing?

best boil kettle brew kettle boiler homebrew homebrewing

What’s up yeast geeks? Let’s talk brew kettles. The brew kettle is the powerhouse of the cell brewhouse. It is one of the most important pieces of brewing equipment you will buy. Regardless of whether you are an extract, BIAB, or full all-grain brewer, this is where you turn sweet wort into hopped wort and … Read more

What Is The Best Mash Tun For Homebrewing?

mash tun lauter sparge best homebrew

Do you think you have mastered extract beer? Then you might be ready for all-grain brewing. That means it is time to buy a mash tun but which one should you buy? In our opinion, the best mash tun for most homebrewers is the SS Brewtech InfuSsion mash tun. It is a beautiful piece of … Read more

What is a yeast starter?

yeast starter yeast plate cell count

If you are a homebrewer, you have at least heard of yeast starters. You are probably even thinking that you want to make one for your next batch of nutty Peanut Butter Porter or juicy New England IPA. This is a good idea. Actually, it’s a great idea. Yeast starters are an easy way to … Read more

What Are The Best Mexican Beers?

best cerveza top mexican beers

Beer brewing has a very long history in Mexico and beer is one of the major exports of the country. Before major conquests, the Mesoamericans were already familiar with fermented drinks. Many of them made with corn or agave. Most of the beers sold in Mexico today are lagers and Vienna-style light and dark beers. … Read more

PhiLambic Solera: Pull #1 tasting

bottle and filled glass of lambic beer

I am repeating myself here but it has been a painstakingly long wait to try the first bottle from my newest Solera. I decided to bottle the first pull straight so that I could get an idea of how things were going and determine what I would want to change for the top off batch. … Read more