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yeast geek brewing an all grain beer

Yeast Geek

Thanks for coming here to find out more about me and my site. My name is Jay and I am the Yeast Geek.

This project is about taking all of the best practices for homebrewing and compiling them in one place. There are lots of forums, websites, books, etc. with incredible, and other conflicting, advice but it can take forever to find out whose opinion to listen to. I hope my site helps to solve this problem.

I have been homebrewing for over 10 years and believe myself to be a very talented and knowledgeable homebrewer. I have brewed extract, all-grain, and my preferred method, BIAB. I have been featured on The Sour Hour podcast a few times talking about sour beer.

I worked at Stout Tanks and Kettles for several years selling commercial and nano-brewery equipment so I am a little partial to their equipment. Now that I no longer work there, I can also appreciate the equipment from my once nemesis - SS Brewtech.

I currently work at Brewmation, Inc. selling brewery and distillery equipment so hit me up if you are looking to go pro.

Check out my incredible writing team below and let us know if you want us to write about a specific topic.



writer tom green drinking a beer

Tom Green

I've been brewing beer since 2012. My focus has usually been on brewing IPA and Belgian-style beers - mostly traditional Saison. Learning to brew during the boom of hoppy beer, like New England IPA, has shaped the way I think about mouthfeel, bitterness, and freshness of beer. These days, I'm more interested in traditional brewing techniques, in search of crafting my ideal Saison and pilsner, all the while pursuing a perfectly home-brewed IPA.

Favorite Beers: Saison (Cuvée des Jonquilles by Brasserie Au Baron, Arthur by Hill Farmstead), IPA (The Substance by Bissell Brothers, Hu Jon Hops by Trailway Brewing), lambic (Girardin Gueuze, Cantillon Iris), other (Arabier by De Dolle, Rothaus Pils).

writer nicole brooks

Nicole Brooks

Nicole is an award-winning homebrewer from Ohio. Lambics are her first love, but she's also happy with a great Stout or Gose. When she's not brewing, she spends her time programming, drawing, and hanging out with her two cats. She once got lost while crossing a parking lot.

Favorite beers: Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout, Founder's Rubaeus, Cantillon Kriek, Crafted Bananas Foster Forever Mead (it's in the BJCP, I'm counting it), Great Lakes Eliot Ness, Fat Head's Cinnamon Toast Crunch