Katie Sherwin

Mistress of Information


As Bison's Mistress of Information, Katie is responsible for Account Management, Data Processing, Sales Support, Taste Testing, and keeping the rest of the Bison team in line (afterall, bison can't herd themselves). Although she has a love-hate relationship with Excel, Katie is the guardian of all Bison's important information.

Q & A

If you were a style of beer, what would you be and why?

I would be a West Coast IPA because I am yummy, bright, refreshing, hoppy, and happy!

What is your favorite Bison beer to swill down?

I enjoy the IPA. It goes down smooth, isn't overly bitter, and pairs well with everything.

What is you favorite beer and food pairing?

Double IPA and a delicious marinated, grass-fed steak and organic asparagus grilled on an open fire. Also, double IPA and fried pickles!!

What does organic craft beer mean to you?

I believe it is important to tread gently on the planet, and when so much waste is prevalent in our every day lives, each small thing we can do makes a difference. Brewing organically makes a HUGE difference. By leaving out those yucky pesticides in the growing process, we are leaving the soil healthy for future crops, as well as being able to compost the waste material after the beer is brewed. Less chemicals=better for the health of our bodies and the planet.

And lastly, what is the best part about working for Bison Brewing?

I love the fact that we are a company that stands behind our principles. We are making a positive impact on the world, by brewing organically, as well as being overall environmentally and socially conscious.

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