Chocolate Stout

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Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout

The Original Chocolate Stout, brewed with Peruvian cocoa.

Like Barry White’s voice in a bottle, Bison’s Chocolate Stout is a dark, slow-pouring aphrodisiac of the smoothest proportions. Rich and roasty with charismatic flavors of dark chocolate and espresso, and creamy, dry finish. (5.0% abv | 20 IBUS).

Chocolate Stout is available year-round in 12 oz. 6-packs and draft. For more information on how to locate or order Chocolate Stout, contact


Chocolate Stout + Food

back-ribs-sl-1646464-xEarthy, roasty and rich, Chocolate Stout pairs extremely well with grilled dark meats, mushroom-based dishes and sauces, pungent cheeses and rich desserts. It is also our favorite beer to use in the kitchen. There is something super magical about our Chocolate Stout that makes it a fantastic tenderizer for meat — especially short ribs. It adds amazing texture and flavor when baked into bread and also makes for a bad-ass ice cream. But, our most famous recipe, by far, is our Chocolate Stout Baked Mac & Cheese. Recommended pairings include oysters, grilled meats, short ribs, pulled pork, bacon, mushrooms, stews, quinoa, baked mac & cheese, chocolate, cheesecake, Gorgonzola, Stilton, Maytag Blue.


Environmental Impact

USDA-Organic-LabelBison strives to lead by example, educating that one not need sacrifice the pleasures of every day living to be green. Mindful of our carbon footprint, we strive to reduce our business and personal impacts.

Chocolate Stout is brewed with 100% certified organic hops, malts and cocoa. Restaurants and bars choosing to sell just one 15.5-gallon keg of organic beer per week causes a farmer to convert one football field of farmland from conventional to organic agriculture. That is a HUGE impact, and we have the numbers to prove it!



Notable Reviews

“Like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ a chocoholic’s dream. Intense stout, shouting roasted organic malt; touting round, rich, high-cocoa content chocolate; begging to be savored straight up or satisfying with soups, salads, sandwiches and sweets. Sumptuous crown of creamy cappuccino contrasts a coal colored robe. Complex flavors contrast and compliment one another, playing with the palate like coffee beans coated with chunky chocolate.” —  Charles Finkel, Founder of Merchant du Vin and Pike Brewing Co.

“Dense, espresso-colored, head. The color of the beer suggests an intense Java, cocoa, hazelnuts and toast in the palate. I was beginning to think pain-au-chocolat when I began to get burnt, astringent notes. That’s the thing to watch with breakfast beers; don’t leave them in the toaster too long.”— Michael Jackson, the late author of Ultimate Beer, the Simon & Schuster Guide to Beer and numerous other works on drinks,

“I’m not sure what organic should taste like in beer, but this one certainly leaves a “free trade” impression. Opens with roasty (like coffee) and chocolate-cocoa aroma, with more of the same on the palate. Dry, chalky finish sets it apart from chocolate beers that accentuate sweetness. Instead this one is bittersweet, with some sour coffee character, even hints of tobacco—all well integrated. Perfect complement for sweet chocolate desserts. Burps chocolate.”— Stan Hieronymus, author of multiple beer books, including Brew Like a Monk and For the Love of Hops.

“Like Barry White’s voice in a bottle, Bison’s Organic Chocolate Stout is a dark, slow-pouring aphrodisiac of the smoothest proportions; rich roast, slightly bitter but, oh so luscious.” — SF Bay Guardian

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