Hop Cuvée

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Hop Cuvée

häp – Koo- VEY (n.) West Coast Ale brewed with a blend of the season’s best organic hops, hand-selected by Bison’s brewmaster and owner, Dan Del Grande.

Bison Hop Cuvee FINALLike California sunshine in a bottle, Hop Cuvée radiates a golden hue with brilliant clarity and bright effervescence.  It is a crisp, citrusy and tropical ale with a touch of pine-like bitterness and a clean, dry finish. Refreshing and sessionable, Hop Cuvée satisfies both hop lovers and craft beer newbies.  (5.5% abv | 50 IBUS).

Hop Cuvée will be available year-round in 12 oz. 6-packs and draft starting April 1st. For more information to locate or order Hop Cuvée, contact info@bisonbrew.com.


Why “Cuvée”?

-5 copy 5Used by both winemakers and brewers, the term cuvée indicates a blend—typically, a special blend of higher quality. Each year, “Organic Dan” will work with organic hop growers from the Pacific Northwest to select the best organic hops as well as explore the development of new organic hop varietals to be used in all of Bison’s organic beers—especially Hop Cuvée. The 2013 Hop Cuvée recipe includes Citra® and Simcoe, two new and exciting organic hop varietals not previously available as certified organic, as well the classic Centennial hop. This year’s hops were grown by Carpenter Ranches, Perrault Farms and Roy Farms, respectively.

Hop Cuvée + Food

Tuna TartareBeers with extreme bitterness levels can strip the palate of its tasting ability, making them poor partners for most foods. Hop Cuvée was created with food in mind. Its grassy, floral and citrus hop character makes Hop Cuvée a perfect match for fresh milk cheeses, while its moderate bitterness holds up well to the mildly pungent, aged and sharp cheeses. Pairing Hop Cuvée with salty, rich and fatty foods helps to bring out its bright hop character—while its mild hop bitterness helps to ease the burn of spicy cuisines. Delicate enough to pair with sushi, yet bold enough pair with grilled meats—Hop Cuvée was made to pair with food.

Recommended Food pairings: Shellfish, sushi, cured meats, curries, Vietnamese pho, BBQ, jambalaya, fried and spicy foods, carrot cake and apple crisp.

Recommended Cheese pairings: Aged Gouda, Cave-aged Cheddar, Humbolt Fog

Environmental Impact

USDA-Organic-LabelBison strives to lead by example, educating that one not need sacrifice the pleasures of every day living to be green. Mindful of our carbon footprint, we strive to reduce our business and personal impacts.

Hop Cuvée is brewed with 100% certified organic hops and malts. Restaurants and bars choosing to sell just one 15.5-gallon keg of organic beer per week causes a farmer to convert one football field of farmland from conventional to organic agriculture. That is a HUGE impact, and we have the numbers to prove it!


About Carpenter Ranches (Citra)

The Carpenter Family has been involved growing hops in the Yakima Valley since 1868.  In the year 2000 our family began producing certified organic hops and recently  Carpenter Ranches planted 5 acres or organic Citra® with plans to expand acreage in the near future.   We are grateful to the many craft brewers for their creativity and innovation in developing unique brews with organic hops.

About Perrault Farms (Simcoe)

The Perrault family began farming in the Yakima Valley in 1902 on a Moxee area homestead established by Alberic Perrault. Alberic planted his first hops in 1928. He raised a large family at this location, with several of his sons forming their own farming operations.






Perrault Farms was established in 1968 by Alberic’s youngest son, Bernard. Today, the farm continues under the guidance of third generation hop grower, Steve, and his wife, Judy. The management team is rounded out by Alberic’s great grandson, Tim, and Steve’s son, Jason. Together they proudly represent over 100 years and 4 generations of hop farming experience.

About Roy Farms (Centennial)

Roy Farms is a Family owned diversified farming operation that provides many agricultural based products and services. The 2011 Hop Harvest will mark our 104th consecutive hop harvest in the Moxee valley.  Roy Farms prides it self in developing and implementing new farm technology that impacts harvest yields and quality of both Alpha and Aroma varieties.  Product traceability and Food Safety Standards are applied to all conventionally grown and organic hops. The Company Culture at Roy Farms supports Sustainable Farming Practices through Resource Management and Environmental Stewardship.

Notable Hop Cuvée Reviews

“The beer sings with bright grapefruit, passion fruit and a touch of pine, backed by bready, lightly toasted malts. It’s got a refreshingly dry, snappy finish, followed by an intangible, earth-friendly sense of well-being. Put simply: This is my Earth Day beer of choice, and quite possibly my favorite organic beer.” – Chris at Draft Magazine.

“Hop Cuvee is a newly released pale ale from Bison Brewing. It’s a beer that has an accessible, balanced, hoppiness that uses three different types of hop as a celebration of the best hop crops of the years. It’s crisp and citrusy with notes of pine, it’s a great choice for summer.” – Jackie Dodd aka The Beeroness

“This beer is amazing! Lots of grassy, piney and nice crunchy bitter tones. Nice smooth body with a good mix of nice grains and malt.”Andy on Untappd.

“Golden yellow in color, Thin white head. Super hops flavor with an interesting. Nice pine like flavors mixed with a finish that is quite bitter. I really liked this beer.” – BrewDad on RateBeer.com


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